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Star RV - Exploring is style - RV Rental and Motorhome Hire in Australia, New Zealand and the United StatesStar RV - Australia
Motorhome & RV Rentals

Rental Rates in Australian Dollar AUD

In the following tables you will find our Special Internet Rates. These rates are exclusively available through Blue Travel. For conversion into your home currency please see the currency converter.

Flex Rental Rates valid until 31 Mar 2016

Flex Rates allows us to offer flexible pricing, which gives you the opportunity to secure the best possible rental rate. The Flex Rates are based on a very simple system of supply and demand. So when there are a large number of vehicles available for hire from a particular branch then the rental rate is lower. This way you can benefit from the lower rates offered. Generally, this means that the earlier you book the cheaper the rate!

Flex Rates will be updated at 11:59pm every Sunday AEST (Brisbane time).

How do you know which rate applies to your trip?

Simply check out the Flex Table. The flex rate that is available at the time of booking for the first rental day determines the daily rental rate for the entire rental period up to the 28th day. All rental days from the 29th day on are counted as a new booking and the flex rate that applies for the 29th day will be used from then on, the flex rate that applies for the 57th rental day will be used from then, etc.

The flex level is 2 digits. The first digit corresponds with the letters on the left hand side column of the matrix, the second digit corresponds with the number on the top row of the matrix.
The applicable flex rate is the rate where the 2 digits meet, i.e. flex level C2 is rate AUD 109.

Minimum Rental is 7 days
Star RV - Flex Rental Rates
in AUD per Calendar Day
valid until 31 Mar 2016
  _1_2_3_4 _5_6_7_8
A_ 40 43 45 48 52 56 61 64
B_ 68 72 75 80 85 90 94 99
C_ 104 109 114 118 123 128 133 138
D_ 142 147 152 157 163 169 175 181
E_ 187 193 199 205 211 217 223 229
F_ 235 241 247 254 261 268 276 283
G_ 290 298 312 318 330 348 378 396
H_ 414 432 444 456 468 480 498 510
Rental Rates Include: Vehicles less than 12 monthsUnlimited Kilometers 10% GST3% Administration FeeExtra Driver Fees Easy check out and check in Personalised Vehicle Consultation Valet Service*Linen and bedding including Linen Exchange Service*Kitchen Equipment*General Equipment* • Full Water Tank • Welcome Pack* • Campground Guides* • Gas Bottle Exchange Service* for hires of 14 days or more in length • Taxi Fare from the nearest Airport reimbursed up to AUD 25 on the day of pick-up (receipt must be presented for reimbursement)

*Valet Service
Customers on hire may visit any Star RV branch whilst on hire to have their vehicle cleaned, oil and water checked. Guests must call 48 hours prior to arrange this service.

*Freshly laundered linen bedding
Includes pillow, pillowcase, sheet and towel per person and one doona (duvet) per bed. Star RV clients may also exchange their linen and bedding during their rental at any Star RV Branch. Guests must call 48 hours prior to arrange this service.

*Gas Bottle Exchange Service
Every 14 days of hire guests can visit a Star RV branch to exchange their used gas bottle for a full gas bottle.

*Welcome Pack
Each vehicle is supplied with a complimentary Welcome Pack for the first night that includes some essential items.

*General Equipment
Each vehicle is supplied with complimentary general equipment (such as pegs and clothes line, dustpan/brush, fire extinguisher, bucket/hose and broom.

*Kitchen and Personal Kits
Each vehicle is supplied with complimentary living equipment (such as bedding, cooking equipment, eating utensils, bath and tea towels.)

*Campground Guides
Each vehicle is supplied with complimentary campground guides.

*Personalized Vehicle Consultation
On pick up of the vehicle our staff will provide a complimentary vehicle consultation. This includes an explanation of all the interior and exterior features of the vehicle as well as driving tips

Long Term Discounts

  • 21-34 days - 9% off above rates
  • 35+ days - 16% off above rates
  • These discounts do not apply to the Star Pack component
  • Multiple rentals are eligible for the long-term discount
  • There are no further long-term discounts available on Flex Rates

Early Bird Discount

An Early Bird discount of 5% off the daily rental rate will apply to rentals that commence 120 days or more after the date of booking. This discount does not apply to the Star Pack component. The Early Bird discount can be combined with long term discounts.

Flex Inclusive Rate - Star Pack

Add AUD 56 per day.

  • The maximum amount payable per rental segment for a Star Pack is AUD 2,800 - i.e. 50 days rental.
  • The minimum amount payable per rental segment for a Star Pack will be based on the minimum rental period applicable for your rental.

The Star Pack includes: GPS, Nil Liability, Unlimited Windscreen and Tyres will be covered for accidental damage, One Way Rental Fee, 3% Administration Fee/Taxes, Pre-purchased Gas Bottle, Camp Chairs and Table and Baby or Booster Seats (on request).

What happens if there is an amendment to the booking?
If you wish to make any changes to your booking (including voluntary downgrade) the booking will be calculated by using either the original flex rate or the flex rate that is valid at the time of the booking change, depending on whichever rate is higher. There are no exceptions to this rule. The following situations are classified as booking alterations:

  • Change of date for vehicle pick-up or drop-off
  • Change of location (depot) for vehicle pick-up or drop-off
  • Change of vehicle category
  • Name change

If an amendment is made to the rental dates within 14 days of collection, no refund will be made if the length of hire is shortened (that is: the rental will be charged at the number of days originally booked). A relocation fee may apply if the collection or return location is amended within 14 days of vehicle pick up or if notification occurs during the hire.


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