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Frequently Asked Questions

New Zealand - Haere Mai...means Welcome

Although New Zealand is a relatively small country you should allow plenty of travel time because there is so much to see. If seeing both islands allow at least 21 days. If you have 14 days or less then concentrate on one island and you will have a more enjoyable time.

Driving Distances in New Zealand

Auckland 127 325 357 241 537 280 206 457 658
Hamilton 452 231 368 411 153 107 331 532
Napier 412 661 178 143 299 252 323
New Plymouth 597 234 296 308 160 355
Paihia 777 518 445 697 898
Christchurch Rotorua 80 86 309 460
361 Dunedin Taupo 156 229 380
408 570 Franz Josef Waitomo Caves 273 473
554 424 146 Haast Wanganui 195
771 410 660 514 Milford Sound Wellington
417 799 485 631 1145 Nelson
350 711 549 695 1121 113 Picton
487 281 365 219 307 850 837 Queenstown
428 276 294 148 366 779 778 71 Wanaka
336 670 294 440 954 230 294 659 588 Westport

Where do we camp at night?

We strongly recommend you stay in a caravan (RV) park. New Zealand has an extensive network of caravan parks in all major tourist centers and most towns. Caravan parks offer excellent recreational opportunities, plus essential shower and toilet facilities. Powered sites enable you to connect your vehicle to electricity. The approximate cost is NZD 20-30 per night.

Most New Zealand national parks have areas set aside for camping. There are often showers, toilets, barbecues and picnic areas. National parks are also beautiful and peaceful locations to stay overnight. However, national parks do not usually offer powered sites.

Council laws prohibit camping on the side of the road near towns and cities. However, outside towns and in country areas it is generally permitted.

Do I need a special driver's license?

On pick up of the vehicle a full (e.g. non-provisional) and valid driver's license must be presented in person by all people wishing to drive the vehicle. If the license is not in English, an International driver's license or a valid certified translation is also required. The minimum age to drive the vehicle is 21 years.

How long does the battery system last?

All Apollo vehicles have a dual battery system. This means that the engine battery is separate from the battery system used for internal appliances, such as the fridge, lights and water pump. The appliance battery system will last approximately 12 hours when fully charged. The batteries only recharge when you drive the vehicle or plug into mains power. Since the engine battery is separate, if you flatten one of the rear batteries, you will still be able to start the engine and drive. All vehicles have the facility to plug into electricity. When you plug into electricity in a caravan park all accessories automatically run off 240V electricity rather than the batteries. You can then use appliances such as the television, microwave and rear air conditioning that only run off electricity.

What is supplied with the vehicle?

Each vehicle is supplied with complimentary living equipment (such as bedding, cooking equipment, crockery/cutlery, bath and tea towels.) Also, each vehicle is supplied with a complimentary Apollo Pack for your first night. The pack contains matches, mini shampoo and conditioner, dishwashing liquid, a sponge, soap, salt and pepper, coffee, tea and sugar sachets. Also provided are comprehensive maps and camp ground guides. We strongly recommend that you use soft bags instead of suitcases for your luggage. Soft bags take up less room and fit easier into the storage cupboards and lockers in the vehicle.

Can I take the vehicle on the Inter Island Ferry?

Apollo vehicles are permitted to travel on the Inter Island Ferry. Enquire with your travel agent or direct with Apollo.

Do I require a passport for New Zealand?

All visitors to New Zealand require a passport which is valid for at least three months after your planned departure date from New Zealand. There are no other requirements for Australian citizens and permanent residents. Visas may be required for all other overseas visitors.

What is the weather like throughout the year?

Below is a weather chart containing the minimum and maximum temperatures throughout the North and South Islands of New Zealand. Including the extreme highs and lows.

Temperature (°C)
Maximum Minimum Extremes
Jan Jul Jan Jul Highest Lowest
North Island
Auckland 23.8 14.7 16.4 8.0 34.4 -0.6
Rotorua 23.0 12.0 12.7 3.1 31.5 -5.2
Taupo 23.3 11.2 11.5 2.2 33.0 -7.1
Napier 24.4 14.0 14.5 4.4 36.9 -6.5
Wanganui 22.4 13.0 14.0 5.5 32.3 -2.3
Wellington 20.3 11.3 13.4 6.2 31.1 -1.9
South Island
Nelson 22.3 12.2 13.0 1.5 36.3 -6.6
Westport 20.0 12.6 12.5 4.6 28.6 -3.5
Christchurch 22.5 11.3 12.2 1.7 41.6 -7.1
Milford Sound 18.8 9.0 10.4 1.3 28.3 -5.0
Queenstown 22.5 8.1 10.7 0.1 34.1 -8.4
Dunedin 18.9 9.9 11.5 3.1 35.7 -8.0


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