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The Blue Train LogoThe Blue Train
South Africa

The World's Leading Luxury Train

Facts and Figures

Click for a larger image (26 KB) The Blue Train continually provides excellent service. The personnel take particular pride in whatever they do, and special care in fulfilling your wishes and ensuring enjoyment of this unique train.

The two Blue Trains travel at a maximum speed of 90 km/h (58 miles an hour), allowing ample opportunity to absorb the ever- changing countryside.

The two Blue Trains accommodate 82 and 74 passengers (with observation car), who are served by a staff of 27 highly trained and hand-picked butlers.

The Blue Trains are 380 meters (416 yards) long and consist of 18 carriages, 14 of which are for the use of guests.

Click for a larger image (22 KB)
Click for a larger image (26 KB) The Blue Trains each carry 31 000 liters (6 820 gallons) of water.

Two diesel-powered generator sets, one always on stand-by, are used to supply the Blue Trains' demanding power requirements. Each generator is capable of generating up to 550 KVA, with a 650 volt power supply to the train.

A standard internal temperature of around 20 to 21C (70 to 72F) is maintained throughout the journey, even when the ambient temperature is 45C (115F).

For the guests' comfort, each suite has individual temperature controls ranging from 18 to 24C (65 to 77F).


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